Air-Vacuum Excavation System - AVES

A powerful addition to MC Environmental Services' Fleet


Utility & Construction Support

Our Air Vacuum Excavation System uses high pressure air to penetrate, expand and break up soils, and a powerful vacuum to remove them. With this system, MCES can provide the critical services to utIlities, developers and the construction industry - more safely and efficiently than ever.

  • Utility line clearance & depth verification
  • Pot-holing for underground utility repairs or tie-ins
  • Trenching in areas with numerous sub-surface utilities
  • Gas or water line service terminations or installations
  • Man-way and valve box cleaning & maintenance
  • Pre-clearing in preparation for directional drilling
  • Installation of cathodic protection devices

The 450 gallon tank and drum interceptor allow "spoils" to go off-site, back into the hole, or directly into a drum.

A standard pothole (1’ x 1’ x 5’) can be dug in an average of 7 minutes in typical soils using our Air Vacuum Excavation System. With 200 psi air and a specially designed nozzle, it can even dig through clay soils.

Utilities can be quickly and safely exposed to allow for tie-ins, installations or repairs. This minimally invasive technique is ideal for roadways, parking lots or interior locations.